Time is all we have. Guard it dearly, invest it wisely, and protect others' time as if it's your own.


We love what we do and are grateful and humbled by our freedom to pursue ideas with capital.


Experience has taught us that the best path may not be the most direct as humans often take time to warm up to ideas. Sometimes a setback may prove to be an advance. We reevaluate and we are comfortable changing directions with new information. Sometimes we lose. When we do, we dust ourselves off and learn. We persevere. We strive to be better. We evolve.


Sometimes we have to make hard decisions. We communicate such with as much empathy as possible.


To add value, we must have patience and see the world through the eyes of others, know what we have to barter with and what it’s worth.


Teams with varied backgrounds, perspectives, skills, and experiences make better decisions. We seek to educate, retain and resource talent.


We encourage inclusive environments. We seek honest and thoughtful conversation without targeting individuals. We don’t gossip. We do share. We seek to leverage our collective knowledge. Excellence gets rewarded. We are a meritocracy and we are human. EQ and IQ are both celebrated.


Winning as a group is better than winning alone.


We respect our company and our resources. Eldridge’s success translates into our collective success.


We strive to be responsible citizens, respecting each other and our planet.